Sports in Hodonín

As sports fans you can visit various sports events in Hodonín.

Ice hockey is the sport number one in our city
In the local ice arena you can see the SHK Hodonín Club boys in action playing the 2nd national league. The ice hockey tradition in Hodonín goes back to mid-1960s (with the exception of 1995-2001 when the arena was used as a vietnamese market). In 2001 the club was reestablished and the arena reconstruction started. Currently, the arena is used by the ice hockey club as well as figure skaters associated in the Kraso Hodonín club.

Another noteworthy sport is table tennis
Local SKST ČSAD Hodonín club is dominated by the women's team which is one of the best in the country. Since 1992/1993 season they have been playing in the extraleague and seven times they have been champions (last in 2010/2011), the team also plays the Superleague, highly prestigeous European cup. All the matches take place in the sports palace at Lipová alej built in 2002-2005.

Other sports are not so popular in the city, nevertheless, they are also worth mentioning:

Rowing Club
Established in 1907, it has won tens of national champion titles as well as international medals. The most precious is the gold medal from the Junior World Championship in 2002.

RSM Hodonín
Football club. Although being rather a young club, it provides high quality football experience at top young junior and junior leagues. The men play at the division level.

HK Hodonín
Handball club playing 2nd junior league.

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