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Half a day trips

Hodonín - Lužice - Mikulčice

Mikulčice – the national cultural landmark Mikulčice Valy, archaeological dig of an early medieval fort from the period of the Great Moravian Empire
route lenght cca 25 km

Hodonín - Ratíškovice - Vacenovice - Milotice

Milotice – a chateau built on the place of an original fortification with French garden and vinoteque Milotice - wine cellars Šidleny
route lenght cca 15 km

3. route
Hodonín - Mutěnice - Čejkovice

Mutěnice – wine cellars Búdy Čejkovice – newly reconstructed Čejkovice fortification of Templar knights, labyrinth of corridors used to store wine
route lenght cca 15 km

Hodonín - Svatý Ján - Kohútek spring

Mutěnice - Hodonín forest spring with drinkeable water
route lenght cca 38 km

Day trips

Dubňany - Sand ponds - Hodonín

Dubňany - cascade of 16 ponds, rookery of rare birds protected by law
route lenght cca 35 km

Hodonín - Rohatec - Petrov - Strážnice

Tvarožná Lhota - Radějov
Petrov “Plže” - wine cellars
Strážnice - chateau, outdoor museum “ Museum of southmoravian village ”, Jewish cemetery and synagogue, Baťa´s channel, etc.
Tvarožná Lhota – a viewing tower, transit to the recreational centre “Lučina” with swimming in nature, a way through the White Carpathian´s forest to Radějov- horse riding
route lenght cca 35 km

Hodonín - Rohatec - Bzenec (the route is in a periodically flooded forest)

Bzenec - a chateau built in the Tudor gothic style with a baroque garden and English park,national cultural landmark „váté písky“ ( shifting sand) a memorable tree “Žika´s oak ”
Bzenec - Přívoz - recreational centre “Littner”
route lenght cca 35 km

Hodonín - Břeclav - Pohansko - junction of Morava and Dyje – 3 countries borders

Pohansko - old Celtic habitation, wonderful nature
route lenght cca 40 km

Hodonín - Břeclav - Lednicko-Valtický area

Mikulov - water basins Nové Mlýny
Valtice - a chateau with a hippodrome
Lednice - a chateau with a park, glass house, prayer tower, minor sites inside the area: Apollon´s temple, Nový Dvůr, Three Belles, Janův hrad, Randez-vous, Diana´s temple, collonade Belvedere, Chapel of St.Hubert, etc.
Mikulov - an originally Gothic castle from the 13th century reconstructed in renaissance style - the seat of the Regional Museum
Nové Mlýny - recreational centre
Dolní Věstonice - archaeological exhibition
route lenght cca 90 km

Hodonín - Holíč - Petrova Ves - Šaštín-Stráže

camp Tomky - Borský Júr - Sekule - Kúty
Brodské on the Slovak side embankment of the river Morava - Hodonín the route runs along the river Morava – the rookery of water birds
Šaštín-Stráže - sand bottom dam
route lenght cca 90 km

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