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In Hodonín

Chateau -Masaryk museum, Gallery of fine arts, Chapel- gallery selling works of contemporary artists, Pestilential column of the Holy Virgin, The Church of St. Laurence, Art Nouveau town hall

Summer swimming pool, in-door swimming pool, tennis courts, bowling, billiards, fitness centre, boat lending office- possibility to sail on the river Morava, cart lending office, ZOO garden.


Milotice (12km)
The Baroque chateau with a beautiful garden with pheasantry, gallery selling wines, wine cellars \"Šidleny\"

Čejkovice (20km)
Historical templar fortress from the 13th century

Prušánky (13km)
wine cellars \"Nechory\"

Mikulčice (6km)
archaeological dig Valy-slovan habitation and fort from the 7th century, the Church of the Holy Virgin, the Chapel of St. Roch, wine cellars

Petrov (14km)
wine cellar (national cultural landmark)

Strážnice (18km)
Renaissance revival chateau with a permanent exhibition of folk musical instruments, English park, Museum of southmoravian village, Veselská and Skalická gate, Jewish cementary with a synangogue, the Church of St. Martin, blueprint /traditional fabric dying/, slovácká room, sailing on Baťa´s channel

Kuželov (30km)
wind mill

Blatnice (36km)
St. Anthon – a well known pilgrim destination, the Parish Baroque Church of St. Andrew´s Tuscan column of the Holy Virgin , burial ground of the people of the culture of bell shaped beakers, wine cellars \"búdy\" under the Stará hora

Radějov (24km)
recreational centre, appropriate for swimming in nature

Bzenec (18km)
a chateau built in the Tudor gothic style with a baroque garden and English park, two linden trees older than 900 years, national cultural landmark „váté písky“( shifting sands)

Skalica (10km)
a historic town located on the borders of the Czech and Slovak Republics, the Romanesque Rotunda of St. George, Gallery of J. Koreszka, remnants of fortifications, historic square, recreational centre Zlatnická Dolina, with a swimming pool , in winter appropriate for skiing

One day trips

Lednicko-Valtický area, Slavkov u Brna, Brno, Kroměříž, Uherské Hradiště, Hluk, Luhačovice, castle Buchlov, chateau Buchlovice, Velehrad, Pálava ...

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